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Spanish side unveils new Tuxedo kits ›


imagePicture via Twitter/@InsideLaLiga

The lower leagues in Spain just keep on rolling out ridiculous new jerseys.

A day after second-division side CD Lugo raised eyebrows with their uniquely-themed beer and octopus kits, third tier club Cultural…

"skrillex is a christian artist, right?" -my dad

teen jeopardy is so easy I could dominate this

is it possible for mister fantastic to break his bones

it has really been a long time since I’ve cleaned my room


me: damn dude check out this blog

friend: that’s your own dude

me: yeah i know, sick right?

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this NFL season is gonna be hilarious

I hate zach mettenberger I can’t believe we drafted him I hate this team

which is probably the saddest thing I can think of