once bitten, twice chewed

officialgiraffe asked: How did the As fuck this up

KC has too much heart

I swore in July I was done with baseball for the year but I cannot quit playoff baseball it is the most beautiful thing in the world

god that was a 30 for 30 steal

I like both of these teams but I want KC to win cause their fans deserve it also I want Lester to come back to the sox sorry Oakland fandom

oh, a walk. oh, a wild pitch. oh, another walk. oh, another walk. yeah, leave him in

I’m not a pitching coach but usually you know if a guy walks three straight batters in the top of the 9th in an elimination game when you’re down by a run…


hey barcelona

get good

is the PSG/barcelona game on now I thought it was tonight

like comparing it to tebowing is just intellectually dishonest

it’s just… it’s being covered badly. they threw the flag the second he went to the ground without seeing that he was praying, which is allowed without exception in the rulebook. it was a mistake by the refs and the league has admitted it and said that he didn’t do anything wrong. if the rulebook said “you can drop to one knee but going prostrate will result in a penalty” then, yeah, but that’s not the case

husain abdullah’s penalty last night wasn’t because of some conspiracy the nfl just has a really stupid and poorly defined excessive celebration policy

they’re come out and said it shouldn’t have been a penalty so I don’t think they’re guilty of anything other than, like, having a bad rule that’s hard to enforce with any consistency

in any case he was penalized for sliding, not for praying. but like I said it’s a ridiculous policy and it gets worse every season