Anonymous asked: I don't understand the gif set of the boy crying. I don't understand like why it has the caption it has. Explain please?

he forgot to turn off the iron

NBPA taps 1st big league female union chief ›

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Anonymous asked: what is your political alignment?

basketball communism

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*liveblogs the entire nfl season* *gets a new crop of superwholock followers somehow*

who’s timmahtime’s friend? when is it his turn to shine

someone said he has yaoi hands I’m sobbing



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these gifs still break me

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my KOTOR party is timmahtime and hiphopfightsback

tumblr recommending i follow wil wheaton :/

Anonymous asked: Are you friends with hiphopfightsback?



I hope so

I accept your friend-ship.

Title: My Jinx Artist: Plebeian Grandstand 593 plays


Plebeian Grandstand - My Jinx

listen to this


why is this in my house

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