this guy in my biology class has a fucking ukulele (of course he does) and he’s literally hitting random notes. i am going to fucking scream

good morning

let’s have fun and be safe today

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zia just said “peter evans” instead of evan peters



no dog should ever be homeless

but it’s okay if people are?

where are you getting that from


hey girls………ummmmm…….did u know that………bro we are teens


@damianlillard: #Together … @aldridge_12 …

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they put a bee in a human hospital bed

"Sorry sir we have no more beds left."

"What about that one?"

"Oh that’s a Bee’s"

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LaMarcus Aldridge is now the only Trail Blazer with multiple 40-point games in the postseason

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Elvis from Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

Elvis was discovered by an animal lover in a dark, dismal barn with several other calves tied up and awaiting their sale to a veal farmer at the next livestock auction. They were just babies – scared and alone after being pulled away from their mother so that humans can consume the milk that is rightfully theirs.

Appalled by the conditions, she chose to save as many lives as she could and Elvis, Ralphie and Andy are now permanent residents here at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, enjoying acres of pasture, a clean, dry shelter and lots of love. Instead of being slaughtered at 6 months, they may enjoy life well into their 20′s.

Many do not realize that veal is a direct by-product of the dairy industry. To maximize milk production, farmers artificially inseminate cows every year. Female offspring are saved to make future milking cows. Male calves are taken from their mothers shortly after birth. Some are slaughtered just after birth for “bob veal.”

In the U.S. most are destined for veal crates where they will endure 14 to 17 weeks of torture in a pen so small they can’t even turn around. With dairy cows, it is not economically viable to raise the males for beef. Their flesh is not as desirable as the “beef” breeds such as Angus or Herefords – so they become veal instead.

Please, not only boycott veal, but dairy, because they are the same industry.

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captain marvel #1, iron patriot #1, batman eternal #1 and #2

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I’m so good at tropico