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Anonymous asked: man why are people beggin u for selfies like that's so weird to me

cause I’m cute and fun!

Anonymous asked: "Ladies and nosdrinker" that's all I know of u

good message


met a female dragon, had a fire conversation

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larrygopnick asked: you look like the person I lost my virginity to

I look better

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Anonymous asked: Are you vegan?

buy me disney infinity

lil b is so sexy!

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'Disney Infinity' Confirms Marvel Expansion Announcement for April 30th ›

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where we come from

the saw is the law


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Becoming a Furry: For Beginners


  • get a fursona
  • draw your fursona
  • if you have no art talent, get other people to draw your fursona
  • find some sort of fucked up kink shit and get people to draw your fursona doing that
  • (optional) get a fursuit of your fursona and wear it in public like the furry trash you are
  • you’ve probably spent thousands of dollars on this by now
  • congrats youre a furry

Anonymous asked: I'll buy you the goddamn Disney infinity if you take a good selfie you fuckface. <3